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The color of flowers says a lot. When you send a flower to somebody, it is very important that you choose the color according to the message you want to convey. This is immediately related to color psychology, that is to say, to the effect colors have on different people from different cultures. Below you will find the general meanings of colors according to most western cultures.


Red is a very energetic color. It convey desire and love. It symbolizes heat and passion. Red flowers, especially roses, have great power and strength. If you give a red rose to someone, you are telling this person that you feel deep love for him or her and that this love will never disappear.


Blue is the color of the sky, and for this reason, it conveys a feeling of freedom and openness. Blue flowers are very relaxing and calming. Giving blue flowers to somebody who is feeling anxious or nervous will help him or her feel more tranquil.


White is the color associated with innocence and pureness. White represents simplicity and modesty. For being the soberest color in the color palette, white is the color of elegancy. It is generally connected to good and cleanliness. When giving white flowers, take into consideration the meanings this color conveys.


Pink is the color of youth and innocence. It is also closely related to women. In western cultures, pink is not seen as a color representative of men. This color is very tricky because it can be a color related to motherhood, innocence, purity, and also passion and seduction. When ordering flowers, you should take into account the color and the type of flower. The meaning conveyed by pink flowers will change according to the shape of the flower. Pink carnations are associated to mother’s love. More exotic flowers can be more seductive.


Yellow is the color of friendship, happiness, joy! Yellow flowers convey a feeling of warmth and positivism. Yellow is connected to light, to the sun. For this reason, yellow flowers are just perfect when you want to make someone who is sad feel better, or just to tell him or her that you are very happy to know this person.

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Originally, purple was a color related to royalty. Today, we associate it with success and accomplishment. Purple flowers are just perfect for graduates. However, some purple flowers can represent seduction and desire, and can be very feminine.


Feminine beauty, elegance, grace are some of the meanings this color covey. Lavander flowers look very delicate and refined, and for this reason, they are associated with womanhood.


Orange symbolizes warmth and energy. Orange flowers can make people feel better when going through difficult times. They provide positivism and feelings of joy. There are certain types of flowers that look beautiful in orange, like daisies and gerberas for example.

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