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Here you will find some useful flower care tips that will allow you to have long-lasting flowers. You will be able to keep your colorful flowers for a long time by extended their life. Bellow you will find some flower care guidelines that will advise you on the care you should give to the beautiful decorative bouquets and plants in general. If you have just received a gorgeous bouquet, and you are having a party in a few days and you want this bouquet to look the same for the party, follow the flower care guidelines given bellow and you ensure a long lifetime for your flowers.

flower shopsMost plants require light to survive. Generally natural light is the best option, but some plants may do with fluorescent light. Some flowering plants must be placed in areas with the most light possible. This will allow flowers to show good color and a greater number of flowers. Foliage plants require lower light levels to survive.

flower arrangementDo not allow plants to dry out or wilt. However, overwatering should be avoided.

flower potsExcessive heat or cold should be avoided. Flowers need surrounding temperatures between 65F to 72F.

wedding flowerYou should check you flowers everyday. The water in the vase should be always fresh. Generally, ordered flowers that come with a vase or container include flower food in the water. If you have received a bouquet with no vase, put them in a vase with fresh water and add flower food. This flower food contains the necessary ingredients to nourish the flowers, to help buds to open and to kill bacteria. You can find this at any flower shop.

delivery flowersMake sure you cut the flower stems every few days. Take them out of the vase and cut one inch or less from the bottom of the stem. If you don’t want to mess the arrangement, lift the flowers out of the base and tie the stems immediately. Then cut the stems.

Tips and guidelinesClean the vase before refilling it. Remember that the water should be at room-temperature and should have the right amount of flower food.

Below we provide some care tips according to the different types of flowers. If your flower is not listed below, ask your local or online florists for more information:


The guidelines explained above also work for daises. However, you must take into account that daisies are very thirsty flowers and this may require you to check the water level often. The vase should be always full and clean.


The stems of these flowers are very sensitive to bacteria. This causes the gerbera heads to droop. To avoid this, change the water often and replenish their supply of flower food every 1 or 2 days. It is also important to keep the vase and surroundings areas clean.


The guidelines explained above also work for lilies, but you will have to handle them with particular care because lilies bruise easily. To prolong the life of lilies, remove the anthers. Be careful when doing this because the pollen of lilies can stain your clothing and furniture.


The guidelines explained above work for callas. However, you must handle them with care because they bruise easily. As the stems of callas curl at the button over time, you must cut them every 2 days so as to prolong their life in the vase. You must check the water lever often as these flowers are normally very thirsty.

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When chrysanthemums foliage starts to droop or becomes yellowish, you need to remove it. You will also need to cut the stems often so as to improve the uptake of water and prolong the life of the flowers in the vase.


The guidelines explained above work for carnations. However they are very sensitive to different surrounding gases produced naturally by fruits, vegetables and other flowers. Keep the carnations away from the anything that can produce ethylene. Cut the stems for them to draw the water that they need.


The stems of amaryllis need to stay filled with water all the time. When you cut the stems and refresh the water, turn the flowers upside down when as you take them out of the vase so that the stems retain water, plugging the bottom of each amaryllis stem with your fingers or cotton balls. Then, when you have changed the water, put them back into the vase.


The guidelines explained above work for roses too. In order to prolong the life of your rose bouquet, cut the stems often, remove any discolored petals and fallen foliage. If the flowers start to wilt, it is possible to revive them. Cut about an inch from the bottom of the stem and submerge the entire rose under water for around 20 to 60 minutes. To ensure a long-lasting life of roses, keep them in cool areas. In case you want their blossoms to open quickly, place them temporarily in a warmer area.


Remove all faded gladiolus from your bouquet so as to encourage others to open. Cut the top 2 or 3 green buds to straighten the stem and to help flowers to open below. Gladioli are very thirty flowers. Check always the level of water. Follow the instructions described above.


Orchids should be placed in an area that gets indirect sunshine during the summer–never directly exposed to the sunshine. In winter, they should be moved to a brighter area. Orchids should be kept in moderate heat environments and require a fair amount of humidity. These flowers only grow in specific potting mixtures. Water the flowers when the potting mixture dries. Ask your florist for more information as this exotic flowers require very specific care treatments, according to the type of orchids.

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