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If this is the first time you are sending flowers, and you don’t know the process of shopping flowers online, on this page you will find all the information you need. We will explain everything in detail. Remember that ordering methods vary according to the delivery policy of each florist or flower shop. We will provide only the general procedures for you to get acquainted with the basic process that all websites follow.

Sending flowers is very easy. Many florists and flower shops provide the possibility to order flowers online, making the process of shopping flowers simple. To order flowers online, find the website of your favorite florist or check the great variety of online flower shops. Check as most websites as you can until you find the one whose style you like. Once you found the website of the flower shop you like the most, you will want to see the special bouquets they offer for every different occasion. Look for the most appropriate bouquet for your case. When you have found the bouquet you want to shop, you will need to follow the procedures they ask you to follow in order to be able to buy flowers.

Generally, there will be a list of bouquets and floral arrangements from where to choose. You click or select the one you want to buy and then you will need to click on a Shopping Cart that will be placed somewhere on the page. If there is no Shopping Cart, there will be other button with the same function. This button or Shopping Cart will lead you to another page on which you will have to fill a form with your name, e-mail address, credit card number, etc. These options may vary according to the payment method of each website.

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The information requested includes the address and name of the recipient of the bouquet. You can also add a card with a poem or whatever you want to say to the recipient. All this information, including your sensitive information–like credit card number–will remain completely safe and confidential. After you have placed an order you will be contacted to send a confirmation –the means of communication used to send the confirmation will depend on the information you are asked to provide. Your bouquet will be certainly delivered in perfect conditions. Many of these flower shops or florists offer the possibility to make international orders, deliveries to hospital or to any place. Remember that each florist or flower shop has their own ordering policy and the procedures may change according to their policies.

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