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The rose has always been valued for its elegancy, beauty and strong presence. Because of the sturdiness of its stem, its sharp thorns, and the deepness of its colors, this flower is one of the most expressive and sophisticated specie in the world. Its name comes from the word rondon, the Greek word for red. There are over a hundred rose species. Among the most representative species we find the Virginia Rose, the Gooseberry or Sacramento Rose, The Multiflora Rose, The Readleaf , the Gallic Rose, and others.

Roses are appropriate for all occasions, and sometimes only one rose can convey a stronger message than a hundred flowers of another kind. The meaning you will transmit with a rose will depend on the color you choose. You have to be careful when selecting the color of the roses, and take into consideration the person who will receive them. Apart from this, it is important to consider the different species. Generally, people are not aware of the great variety of possibilities available, and miss the chance to giving a rose whose color and kind is perfect for the recipient and whose meaning is special.

Here we provide some information for you to know the different meaning conveyed according to the color of the roses:

Roses Color Meanings


Red is, mainly, the symbol of love. It represents passion and romance. Red roses are the perfect gift for romantic occasions, such as Valentine’s Day or anniversaries. These color roses are also predominant in wedding since they are the representation of ever-lasting feelings and commitment. But red is not only related to love between lovers. It is also associated to general love, for those who are present and for those who are not there anymore. Red roses convey a feeling of friendly and familiar warmth.


Yellow represents friendship, caring and happiness. This color arouses feelings of joy, positivism and warmth. Yellow rose bouquets are excellent gifts to celebrate your friendship, to cheer up somebody who’s sad or ill, or to make any room look happier, warm and comfortable.

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Purple and Lilac

Roses of these colors are representative of desire and seduction. They are very feminine colors which are directly associated to womanhood. Apart from this, lilac is also connected to spontaneous love. Purple roses or lilac roses are a perfect gift for women.


White roses are perfect for weddings and baby showers since this color is the symbol of purity, innocence and cleanliness. White roses can be combined with roses of any other colors, since white tends to soften other deeper colors. White color has a relaxing and peaceful effect, and this is why white roses can be a perfect present for people who are suffering from any illness.


Pink symbolizes refinement, femininity and elegance. When thinking of giving pink roses as a present, take into consideration the different meanings of the different shades of pink color. Deep pink roses are accurate when you want to show appreciation. Pale shades are more connected to admiration. Pink roses are also connected with babies and little girls. They can be appropriate to decorate a girl’s birthday party, and also to give as gifts.


Orange is the color of energy and warmth. Orange roses, just as yellow ones, are related to cheerfulness. Orange roses can be perfect if you want to convey a feeling of warmth and spring.

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