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There are many types of flowers available to shop. No matter what you need, you will certainly find it. You will find the flowers and plants you are looking for at a local or online florists and flower shops. The different florists or online florists and flower shops, or online flower shops will offer different products and bouquets, so you need to look for the one that coincides with your style and budget. Some of the most demanded types of flowers are the ones listed bellow.


The daisy is a type of flower from the family Asteraceae. The most common type of daisy is the Bellis perennis. This is a beautiful flower better known as common daisy or English daisy. Although they are often considered as weed for some specific characteristic deisies share with it, they are still highly appreciated and valued because of its beauty and the positive feelings they arouse. It is said that the name Daisy means Day’s Eyes. As the flowerheads of daisies close at night and open in the morning, they are considered to be the eyes of the day. Daisy bouquets look just beautiful and are the perfect flowers to send to someone who’s in bed for any illness or in grief, because they convey happiness and joy. The color of daisies are associated with spring and. Because of their colors daisies are also connected with innocense and purity.


The sunflower is also of the family Asteraceae–just as the daisy. It is a beautiful flower of the color of the sun. The stem of this flowers can grow up to 10ft tall and the flowerheard can reach 12 inches in diameter. The sunflower ray florets can be yellow, orange, maroon, or other colors. The most important characteristic of sunflowers is that sunflowers heads turn towards the east in direction of the rising sun and follow it till its setting. In Greek Mythology, Clytie, a water nymph, was in love with Apollo, the sun god, who made her no return. Because of the grief, crying, she sat upon the cold ground to gaze on the sun while he passed through his daily course. After nine days without eating or drinking, her legs rooted in the ground and her sad face transformed into a sunflower. Because of its size, beauty and mythology, sunflowers can be a very impressive gift, representing happy and romantic feelings.


The gladiolus, also called the sword lily, is a genus of flowers in the family Iridaceae. There are many species of gladiolus, some are from Africa, others from Europe and Asia. There are over 200 species of this genus. Its name comes from the Latin word gladius, meaning sword, because of the shape of its leaves. The gladioli have different colors: pink, orange, yellow, soft pastels, peach, purple, red. These beautiful flowers are semihardy in temperate climates, and their stems produce from 1 to 9 sword-shaped leaves. This plant can grow from 2 to 6 feet tall. Its flowers can range from 1 to 8 inches.Gladiolus are very common for certain ceremonies such as funerals and tribute ceremonies. Still, they are very attractive flower that can work as a nice and considerate gift.

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The tulip is a genus in the family Liliaceae. There are aound 100 species of this genus. This beautiful flower are native to Middle East. The plant can grow from 4 to 27 inches, and it grows few thick strap-shaped, bluish-green leaves. The tulip colors range from reds to deep purples and from white to yellows and oranges. Tulips are beautiful flowers in deep colors. Combinations of different colors tulips are very eye-catching.


This flowers are native to the northern temperate regions. White lilies are highly perfumed. Highly colored lilies are scent-free. Lilies were the most significant flower symbols for Christians, suggesting purity. These flowers have been cultivated for more than 3000 years. Because of their connection with Christianity, lilies are commonly used as Christmass decoration flowers. In the Greek mythology, lilies were created from the milk of the goddess Hera, the wife of Zeus. The legend tells us that, when Zeus fathered Hercules with Alceme, a mortal woman, he wanted his son to be more fully divine, so he drugged Hera to sleep and placed the baby at her breast for Hercules to nurse. When the goddess woke up, she was terrified and flung Hercules from her. At that moment, some of her milk fell, crossing the heavens and forming the milky way. The first lilies sprang from the drops that fell to the earth.


The carnation is a plant native to the Near East. This flower can be found in different colors. They are long-lasting flowers. White carnations symbolize pure love and good luck. Green carnations are associated with St. Patrick’s Day. Pink carnations have a very significant symbolical meaning. According to Christian legends, when Christ carried the Cross, some tears of the Virgin Mary fell on the ground, and later, carnations sprang up from where her tears fell. Because of this, pink carnations work as a symbol of mother’s undying love. And this is why pink carnations are just perfect to give as a gift on Mother’s Day.


The orchid is a genus in the family Orchidaceae, which can be found in a great diversity of colors and shapes. It is estimated that there are about 30,000 orchids around the world. Growing orchids from seed is not an easy task. Only experienced horticulturalists have the knowledge and the patience to grow these delicate flowers, since it takes from 3 to 7 years for orchids to grow to maturity under specific care. Because of this need for strict care, orchids are considered as very fragile plants. However, the variety of orchids is so wide that there are some species that may be suitable for casual home care and inexperienced gardeners. Some examples of such species are Paphiopedilum, Cattleva, Phalaenopsis and Oncidium. Horticulturalists, through genetic research and biochemistry, produce around 800 new species a year, although only 25,000 species are officially accepted. Because of the strange appearance of these plants, the variety of colors available and their exquisite fragancies, orchids are a very original option to give to someone you consider special.

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